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Graeme Swann: Injury Update

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The 22nd Yard:
Update on Graeme Swann's injury...

What is your say on Swann, how many more years should he play for England?

Since monty wasn't ripping through the NZ order, we need Swanny back asap.

As long as he can keep doing his job I guess. I think that he was a major reason as to why England didn't perform in the NZ series, and England should try keep him for as long as they can!

swanny would undoubtedly strengthen most sides in world cricket, so to have him back fit for the ashes both home and away will be a massive advantage for us.

The 22nd Yard:
I have a feeling I may receive some stick for writing this post before he headed to America for the operation then :/

He's obviously a truly class player, a influential player for any side. But beyond this Ashes double header, I struggle to see him realistically fighting off the younger generation.


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