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The 22nd Yard:
A quick post on James Taylor's past and future, as well as a look at the County Championships two tier system...

What type of season do you think Taylor will have? He's obviously a driven individual, but will he overcome the recent problems?

He's Only 23!
He's Only Played 3 International Games!
He Still Averages 47 in FC and List A games!
He was the only one who scored any runs for the lions down under in early 2013!

Its a little early to pass Judgement on a player that is by international standards 'a pup'.

I didnt realise there was a big jump between division 1 and division 2 ....

Ayrtek Cricket:
Top lad, plenty of potential and time on his side.

Earmarked by the powers that be to be groomed into a top player with the captaincy:temperament ratio being well balanced

The 22nd Yard:
Don't get me wrong I'm a huge Titch fan, I think after Collingwood's retirement he should have walked into that spot. But maybe a different county, where he would be batting in the top 4, would be better for his confidence/development.


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