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Brian Lara Cricket 2005

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The 22nd Yard:
Did anyone else compare Gayle's record-breaking innings to the famous game 'Brian Lara Cricket 2005'? I certainly did!

One of the best games ever

Twelfth Man:
The original Brian Lara on the playstation was definitely the best!

Gayle may be the only current player who could make the switch to baseball - although im not sure he would be great running the bases!
His timing has proved to be impeccable and combine that with the extra chances he would get then he would undoubtabely make contact enough to warrent a chance, but its so rare he actually his the middle of his bat! He just gets everything from the toe to still fly for 6. From baseball in the USA anything not quite middled results in almost nothing!

Original was by far the best, not even worth playing the 2005 version after that. 1999 was class!


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