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Reviewer wanted


Hi all, you may have seen from our facebook page that we are loking for a presenter / reviewer.
I'm sure there's plenty of hidden talent on here!  ;)

We are looking for an enthusiastic presenter for our online product demonstrations and reviews.

✅ You must have a love for cricket
✅ Be over 16
✅ Be confident in front of the camera
✅ Able to get to the workshop in Appledore, Kent at least once a month.

To apply - DM us a short video of a cricket product review.

We will shortlist the lucky finalists by the 1st Dec and send through full details.

Spent a  career writing and presenting  loved the job if was younger  video would be in the post.

I live 10 minutes down the road, tempted by this but my face for radio might be an issue

Biggie Smalls:
Wow this sounds great fun . Wish i lived in the right hemisphere! 


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