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Hi All

Happy New Year!
Our 2018 kit is now online -

The new 2018 Custom and Pro softs use premium material and offer Test quality "Pro-tec" protection.
The Pads have our new wrap round "Skin fit". They are extremely lightweight due to the use of "Gel-tec" and premium material. This makes for our most comfortable softs to-date.
We are shooting product walk through videos shortly.

We have 2 new duffles available -
Premium is now available for order -
Smaller duffle to follow, along with a gym bag.

Due to huge investment and workload sourcing and preparing willow, we will not be releasing a new bat range this year, but looking at 2 new ranges for 2019. We will release more info on this here throughout the year.

Thanks, and any questions, please let us know.

Ayrtek Cricket:
Top work as usual chaps 👌👏

Matt mentioned these when I popped down before Xmas, looking good 👍

Quality kit, that. Nice details. Well thought out.
What are the lightest pads you do, @H4Ladam ?

Looks spot on guys!


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