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So what is the view on the shorter blade T20 style bats? Has anyone swapped to these? No you like them? What are the pros and cons?

Personally iíve never seen, picked up, or used one so I was just curious.

Are pros using them?

Are the h4l 50/50 and the Newbury Blitz the main ones?

I've got a couple, one Mongoose cor3 which is quite a bit shorter and one I made myself which is only half an inch smaller than standard. They're great, made myself one to experiment and I'm a convert.
Pros - I like the feel and more wood where it's needed can't be a bad thing. Cons - none? So long as the blade isn't too much shorter there aren't any downsides that I've found batting with one. They do pick up a bit more bottom heavy than a similar standard blade but that's just personal preference whether you'll get on with it or not. If you choke the handle with your bottom hand you won't like them obviously.

I have been using one as a net bat this winter.  I haven't noticed a big difference in the pick up or balance.  The biggest issue I have found is that I use an oval handle but as my hands are further up the handle with it being longer, my bottom hand is above the oval part of the handle so that it feels like a round handled bat.  I have a strong bottom hand grip with is partly compensated by using an oval handle, but as my bottom hand is above the oval section of the handle, I am dragging balls to leg.

adb club cricketer:
I like to grip the handle right in the middle of regular SH bat, so when I needed to grip the bat higher in the shorter blade, longer handle version, I couldn't get on with it. Also, holding the bat higher on the handle made me uncomfortable in playing horizontal bat shots. And I could feel this difference even with just the 1-2 cm shorter blade bat I tried that some people said one wouldn't even notice. All depends on the person I guess..

Neon Cricket:
I've recently reverted to using a short blade bat I had made up back in 2014 and can't look back from it - likely to end up being my match bat come April 14th.

The design itself is slightly different to usual as rather than being a shorter blade/longer handle, the shoulders are simply sloped down (similar to the Newbery Excalibur - effectively just involves taking a standard SH bat and dropping the shoulders either side). Pick up wise the handle and splice have been kept pretty thick so it actually picks up well for what should be a bottom heavy bat. It's probably around 1.5 inches shorter in the shoulders but obviously the same length overall as any SH. The main advantage is it weighs 2.8 and the edges are just under 40mm with the spine touching 65/70mm :D.

I should add I'm 6ft 3", so the shorter blade/t20 style bat not being suitable for taller players is a myth in my opinion!


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