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I'm sure it is exactly what Adam says it is.

Ayrtek Cricket:
Have a great trip lads, I went out many years ago now on 2005 to see the set ups and oversee the integration of the air liners into the gloves. Really good to see the skill involved to make the Softs, bats etc and would love to go back now and see how itís all evolved over the last 14 years.

Would love to see some videos of how they make softs. As well  as the Indian bat makers churning out the quality they produce now as well be great to see compared to the U.K. makers

Its our second trip out there, fantastic place.

We are over seeing production of softs, bags, grips, balls and a few potential new items. Sure we'll see plenty of bats but rest assured, our bats will still all be made by Matt in Kent!

I would like to know why it is virtually impossible to buy black spiral grips.
If you do visit some batmakers I would like to know their thoughts on the counterfeit market. Particularly what they are/can do about it and how it effects their brands/business.


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