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Morning all

have seen Alex Carey and Tim Paine wearing some new Kooks gloves in the last few weeks. they match up to my club colours perfectly so im hoping someone can point me in the direction of where I can get them.;page=3;dir=next;

thanks in advance

I would have thought like most coloured kit you would have to get them made for you by Kookaburra. Worth contacting a retailer to see if they can help or contacting kookaburra direct (

they put something about new gloves on there insta feed before the boxing day test, cant imagine they wouldn't release them for sale.

doubt they will be sold in the UK but happy to pay postage from Oz

The Pro 2000 model is yellow but has black as the secondary colour rather than green. So I think that the ones Paine and Carey used are a special 'national colour' version.

annoying if they don't release the yellow ones, have been trying to get hold of the Yellow Brad Haddins for a few years but had no luck


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