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six and out:
Hi all,

I am in need of some new keeping pads, however I wear under the trousers style pads so I have limited choice.

I have been wearing the Newbury Tour fielding/WK pads for years but they are finally becoming unbearable.

Does anyone have any suggestions of any others? My only real necessity is that they have some knee protection and aren't just shin guards.

Jimmy Tiwana:
You can try this

There are thinner versions available which could go under the trousers. Not sure if there any UK based stores which sell them so you could try them on first.

Other option which I have done once is to use a biker knee guard plus an extra large soccer shin guard. This combo would easily go under the trousers.

Six Sixes Cricket:
Kookaburra do them and so does GM now.

six and out:

--- Quote from: Six Sixes Cricket on November 10, 2019, 08:20:32 PM ---Kookaburra do them and so does GM now.

--- End quote ---

I have seen both the Kook and GM ones , they do look like they are just shin guards?

Is there any chance you could measure them (instep to top of pad) if you have them in stock??

Six Sixes Cricket:
@six and out . Kook ones are 17" from (instep to top of pad)

Don't have the gm ones in


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