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Your first ever bat purchase?

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I vividly remember it was a GM 404, with those classic sea green and navy blue stickers, (perhaps a Maestro?) purchased from a small shop in Peshawar. This was around 1979.

What yours?

GN Scoop for me - around 1991 I would guess. Total plank - I couldn't get it off the square (maybe that was says more about me than the bat!)


I had a GN Warrior - the one with the two scoops out of the back - when I was a kid. I had some great bats as a kid. A GM Purist 606 that I used as a catching practice bat until a couple of years back because it was so pingy. A Kookaburra Blade Runner that was awesome but snapped in half when I played a forward defensive...

All the cool kids back then had Puma bats if I remember correctly. I wasn't that cool.

Whispering Death:
Slazenger v500 classic, cheapest English Willow bat I could find

First one I bought myself was a grade 3 from Pryzm. Cracking bat which I absolutely failed to look after properly and now lives in my cupboard.


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