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Hi gents

I am hoping that some good suggesting could be made. In hope of not just improving my own performances but tips that others on here may find really useful to refer too.

Does anyone have any sports psychology tips/methods specific to cricket that they apply whilst batting to maintain concentration?

My personal position, 24 and now captain of our second team. Week in week out when batting I seem to get to 30 odd and throw it away through a poor choice in shot or lapse in concentration etc. I have played first team for a number of games in recent years (around 35 games) and never really got to grips with it, I'm fully aware I'm not technically good enough at that level and prefer playing 2's to be honest but I am also very aware that it is the psychological side that is preventing my batting from improving. I can physically feel myself going and losing concentration whilst out in the middle and fully aware of this, normally after around half an hour or so.

I wondered if anyone had ever seen a sports psychologist before and found anything that really worked well for them. Does anyone have any good sports psychology books they can recommend or methods that they have benefitted from?

Really keen to dig into the psychological side and I was hoping others will benefit from it too


Rich Hudson, Bucks director of cricket and involved with one of the ladies regional set ups, has a well regarded book, Pressure Myths. Could be worth a read

Try and switch off between balls.

I find the ideas from Greg Chappell in here very helpful:

The Champions Mind is a great read. Also worth researching applied sports psych reading lists.

Research areas around attentional focus and zones of optimal functioning.

In practice, it is about switching on and off. Pros do it exceptionally well. You can't concentrate 100% of your time batting. Its mentally exhausting. Knowing how and when to switch off and back on again takes practice. Routine and having mental amd physical cues helps.
Pre game read about imagery and mental preparation. They're good subjects to research too


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