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I do find it odd that people are happy to pay the thick end of 200 for a cricket bat made of butterfly willow that a couple of years ago would have been put on the fire pit but think that a truly outstanding bespoke product such as this that protects your hands from being smashed to pieces and will last for years is expensive. 

No problem,

They are the finest materials available. He does not mess about with it all and even gives you a how to look after them guide, what product to use in order to keep them clean and soft.

My Dad being a typical keeper with all new gloves he has had likes to put them on and feel a ball in them a bit before taking them out but even he said they felt good enough to go that weekend, which he actually then did!

The joy of Grahams gloves is they are designed to fit the contours of your hands, he makes the webbing connections differently and they are stitched into the gloves are one rather than the standard shop bought ones where that is added after the glove have been made. Take a look at your pair and you will see how that is attached between the thumb and index finger, Grahams are attached differently and it does make a difference to how it feels on hand. You do feel as if there is more catching and cupping. Makes the palm feel deeper and more natural. He does the palm differently to mirror how your hand folds when catching too so it follows the shapes to wrap round better.

If you are 100% certain about doing it full time from now on then go for it because you won't regret it at all. However if you are still in the mindset of being new to it and unsure if you will carry on post next season then I have always found the Puma gloves to be a good option. I would have said Easton but they are no longer about, think Aero absorbed them.
Given they are more of a shoe focused brand in cricket now you can get their kit at a decent price if you look in the right places online. 10 mins searching about and I am sure you could get their top gloves from last year or 2019 for example for about 50.

Failing that best option is to find your most local cricket shop with a decent selection in the shop and simply go and try pairs on to find something you like the feel of but remember to take a pair of inners with you!


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