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--- Quote from: NT50 on September 09, 2021, 05:51:35 PM ---Yeh at £200 I think Iíll have to be unhappy with every other pair of gloves I try on!

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Only thing I will say is whilst £200 is a large initial expense the quality of these is amazing, you will get the perfect fit and they will last you years and itís only £20 - £25 to get them re-Palmed by Graham so in the long run itís not as bad if you take it up full time

More Glue Than Wood:

--- Quote from: NT50 on September 09, 2021, 05:51:06 PM ---Have used both B3 & Aero inners which still made the gloves too tight. They feel ok without inners but I certainly wouldnít not wear inners in a game due to sharp bowling and popadom fingers!

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i used aero inners and found my gloves too tight - so can empathise - batting inners work fine for me now - but the average pace i keep to is about 40 mph  :D :D so even though my fingers are made of glass i can survive - as @SOULMAN1012 said the custom made ones are good value - i have a friend who has had his for ages - and they still look in great condition - so they may be the best way to go - good luck with the search

I sorted my dad out a set of Grahams gloves and despite it looking expensive at first when you go through the process with him and get the final product you won't be disappointed.

He's a delight to chat with about cricket and keeping in general as he is from the same era as my dad in that his 2 reasons to get into keeping were because of Bob Taylor and Alan Knott. He coaches at Warwickshire too so if you have any questions or would like a few hints if you are doing it full time now then I am sure he will gladly give you a few pointers.

The products speak for themselves are they are honestly a work of art and you can customise them however you want. He managed to make a solid black pair with then my Dad's club colours on the cuff and then his college side colour on the other. They look incredible and he said he was hugely nervous about making them and made sure they were perfect for my dad as they were a late birthday/father's day gift that I managed to keep a secret. Somehow I managed to tell him that I needed to use his hand templates for a friend who was looking at how bones heal as part of his uni project and my Dad has amazing hands given he has been keeping 38 years now. As Graham said to me he clearly does it right as he has seen a few horrible sets in his time that have been battered to pieces.

He made a set for Jack Russell and if you search the recent keeping masterclass he did on Sky Sports a few years ago (excellent piece by the way and I urge you to view it if you didn't because Jack was just incredible so hearing how he approached keeping like that was great) he is wearing them. Jack as most will know was hugely fussy about his kit and only ever used 4 pairs of gloves his whole playing career so for him to use and endorse a set of Grahams means you know they are good.

He can make them however you want, he sent a photo of Jacks pair that had an extra flap along edge of the hand by the little finger and the reason was that Jack had it because Bob Taylor had it on his gloves and he was given a set of Bobs when he was younger!

You will never need another set of gloves again so the investment is worth it, people pay for custom made bats to their preference and these are the same as that. You pay for the service, highest quality materials used and then the time spent making them all by hand specially for you. It is honestly one of the best customer experiences and journeys I have ever had making any type of purchase.

Hope that helps and go well now you are going to do it full time.

Thanks @Thechin21 certainly a lot to think about!

Those who have gone to Graham, how supple do the gloves feel? Certainly the current gloves I have donít feel particularly loose and are very stiff when bringing my fingers to my palm

Have you considered opting for an Indian brand such as SG or SS for wicketkeeping gloves? Their standard mens size is usually slightly smaller than UK Mens sized Gloves. I have used SG Hilite in past and they were very good supple gloves.

Not trying to put you off Graham and his fantastic work (I myself am currently on the waiting list for a pair of his gloves), just in case you were looking for a cheaper option while you bed into keeping on a full time basis.


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