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Welcome to the Cricket Exchange!

This board is a resource to help you play more cricket. Whether it's a fixture you need to find or a player, we hope this board will help many of you in the future. The board is broken down into 4 child boards:-

1. Fixtures Wanted - CBF games will be stickies but please add one off fixtures as individual topics. If you have a tour and require multiply fixtures then include them in one thread but clearly dated in the topic title. Same goes for multiple fixtures requests from one club for a forthcoming season.

2. Players Wanted - this is for clubs looking for players whether it be for one game or permanently. How many grumbles have we heard from forum members not happy with the opportunities they are getting, when their could be another club down the road looking for players? This board is only for forum members looking to move clubs and play as genuine club members, in their own country. It is not presently for players wishing to get paid and reside overseas. If you are travelling to another country to work in a non cricketing occupation, then please contact admin first.

3. Clubs Wanted - moving to a new area? Want recommendations? This board is dedicated to finding you a new home thanks to the collective knowledge of the forum.  You don't even have to move clubs, it could be your present club doesn't play Sunday cricket, or you fancy some t20. Clearly state in the thread the area, when you want to start and are you looking for Sat, Sun, midweek cricket.

4. I'm Free! - Fancy a game elsewhere or have time on your hands? Post your availability here for other forum members to see.

Hopefully we'll all play more cricket as a result :-)

Hmmm, this section seems like Pepsi IPL auction in disguise.  :-[

My buddy, FattusCattus will be in high demand!! :D

The bids for Fattus could be millions!

Indeed, more so..

Buzz will be unsold.... :-[

I'm waiting for fasteddie to correct my grammar.


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