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Not sure this is the best/correct section for this ?

Hi im 20yrs old looking to go to Australia to play and coach cricket.

So looking to speak with as many Ozzie based players on here for more information, possible clubs, areas, general knowledge, facts etc

Left hand top order batsman, right hand leg spin,

i have played with Wales and currently coach Juniors with Cardiff County (Level 2 ECB).

Work wise i'm a qualified gym instructor and sports coach (teachers assistant) with junior schools children 5-11,

just about to start level 1 football/soccer quals and have played rugby Div 1 in Wales

thanks for all your help in advance   


Twelfth Man:
Hey mate.

What are you trying to get out of your time in Australia cricketing wise?

There are many different cricketing agencies out there that look to help you secure a club etc in Australia. The one's that are most notable are Steven Hirst's cricketing agency "CricX", Kenny Statham's cricket agency both of whom obviously charge a fee for their services. The other option is the one I found quite helpful in gaining interest, "Cricketer Exchange" where it's free of charge and can still get many clubs across Australia looking and seeking interest.

I've found that the Victorian clubs have been more interested, but that does cover a lot of ground haha. I played three seasons in Aus, two of which were in Vic, the other in NSW. Make sure you do research on the area of the places to see if you're nearby to major cities as you might be surprised how far away some clubs are from the bigger places and may be something you wish to be closer to.

Make sure you have a cricketing CV of sorts. Include a brief description of yourself and cricket, stats for the past few seasons and any achievements such as your Level 2 coaching certificate. You can also add what you're looking for personally during your stay such as accomodation, help with a job etc.

agree with this guy..I know an Aussie from Townsville that may  be able to help you with some pointers in Queensland :-)

PM me your details and I will link you up.. he is currently playing in Wirral

I'm looking to do the same, let me know if you have any luck. I'm an opening seam bowler.

Will message you over weekend


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