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Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone knows what kind of standard Frenchay CC 1st XI play in the Bristol League?

Any help would be appreciated.



Ayrtek Cricket:
Hi Andy, they are 1 league above us now in the Bristol and North Somerset WEPL after gaining promotion last season. Used to be a very strong club with regular overseas players and a solid youth set up (when I represenged Bristol many years ago 5 out of the 11 players played for them).

As with most clubs though their stronger players peaked in terms of age and finding the talent to replace them isn’t easy so they dropped down a league or 2 but are a solid club with good facilities (they’ve just had heir outfield drainage done at a considerable cost) and Mike Donaldson who has been there done it and got the t-short is a top bloke and quality cricketer who is the main stay of the club along with his parents.


Your help is greatly appreciated. 👍👍

Ayrtek Cricket:
No worries, are u thinking of joining them?

No, I’m based up in the North East of England.

We’ve been given the details of an overseas who played for them a few years ago.  Was just trying to gauge the standard? 👍


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