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2020 overseas player - non paid

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So looking for advice from anyone or anyone’s club that may have got an overseas player but not a club pro.

We are a developing club having started from the bottom of the two counties league set up we are now in the mid league but have really struggled with availability all season and have a lack of depth in terms of colt ages to make it into league cricket at the moment.
So I am looking into the idea of getting someone to come and play as an overseas player but we are not looking at paying, we can accommodate and no doubt find them work within one of the many companies owned by members of our club. Is there anyway to look for these players, or indeed is anyone from here serious about maybe spending the next U.K. summer playing some cricket??

We have a lovely ground and club with good facilities and one of the most welcoming clubs Iv ever played for or come across.

Thanks all

We've had a few overseas now all of whom have been put up in accommodation sorted by the local church. I believe some of them have flights paid for, work sorted and a small amount is given each week for them coaching the juniors. Some of them sorted everything other than accommodation for themselves. We've had mixed results in the way of how they've got on at the club.

The first one was a hell of a player, scored over 1000 runs at a ridiculous average and took loads of wickets. Despite this he didn't really do much on the social side other than a beer or two after the game, think he coached the kids quite well.

We then had our best one yet. His on pitch returns were pretty decent, but he really excelled off the pitch was at the heart of every social event and could drink for South Africa. All the kids loved him and we still talk about him as our favourite overseas.

The next year we had two overseas. The second one just messaged the club and said if you can help me stay somewhere i will find work. The first one was a nice bloke but he was so so thick that i honestly reckon you'd get more chat out of a labrador, he also was awful on the pitch. The other went home halfway through to take a job back home but wasn't a big miss

Last year he was a great bowler but came over with his missus so very rarely got involved off the field.

This year our overseas score quite a few runs but has literally gone straight home after every game to smoke weed with an overseas who goes to school here so just stays here at the weekend.

We've learned that the key to a good overseas is a likeable person.  Even if they don't perform on the pitch at least they offer something else to the club in the way of coaching/ being involved. 

I used CricX when I went overseas, who were quite expensive (£350 agency fees for club and player).

Cricketer Exchange seems decent, can find them on fb, twitter or online.

My arrangement was the club put me up, got me a job, in return I played every 1st grade game and coached the colts and seniors. I paid my own flights etc.

Real Munson:
My club has used Steve Hirst at CricX over the past few seasons - the three guys we've had via him have all been excellent cricketers and good blokes too. it is luck of the drawer and you tend to get what you pay for in some respects.

Bringing up an old topic but we are looking for an overseas amateur for the 2022 season.  If anyone has any contacts or good experiences please let me know.  We offer job and accommodation at a 5 star hotel but don’t pay for flights.  Thanks, Andy.


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