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After a decent 2021 season with the bat, I realised that my old kit had seen its final innings and a whole overhaul was needed for the 2022 season.

Having worked with Matt and James down at H4L for a couple of years, I always keep an eye on their social media feeds, waiting for some of their outlet bats to become available and it so happened that within the space of 24 hours, I purchased my two match bats for the season.

With both bats being listed on the outlet section of the website as blank, I made the decision to go with the Fifty50 stickers and earlier this week, they arrived!

Bat 1 - Butterfly

The first bat I purchased was bat 4 from the Butterfly stash that was posted.

I got in touch with Matt when I saw the collection go online and he commented that no.4 was a good fit for me.

The bat has a lovely semi oval, thick handle and comes with the word "Butterfly" engraved. The stain sits behind the stickers with 8 grains visible on the face. The bat has no concaving with a mid position middle.

Fully Dressed Weight: 2lb 10.8oz
Edge Size: 38mm
Toe Size: 26mm

I will let the pictures do the talking:

Bat 2 - Pro Grade

I am going to start the review of bat number 2 on this topic by claiming this may well be the best looking/feel bat I have ever owned. This thing is blooming huge!!

Following on from the Friday purchase of the Butterfly, Matt then posted another link to 2 x Pro Grade bats that he had shaped up which dwarfed the bat gauge. Due to Instagram notifying me the minute that these bats were posted, the 2lb 9oz bat that I saw was still available and without a moments hesitation, I added this to the basket.

Fully Dressed Weight: 2lb 10.4oz
Edge Size: 42mm
Spine: 68mm


I thought I would also add a few other photos that I think really sets H4L apart from some of the other boutique brands in the market.

The finish on the bats are nothing less than perfect. There is absolutely no imperfections that I can spot and the shine is fantastic:

The stickers are excellent quality and have a number of hidden elements (which I have tried to show) which really add a feel of quality:

And finally, nothing beats a good quality, thick grip:

Overall, I am so happy with my new bats for the coming season, and cannot thank Matt and James for a fantastic service!

I bet they’re absolute cannons.

Love full profile. Every time I log on I want to own a H4L bat 😭

Those H4L butterflies were massively tempting, even if I don't use standard SH bats any more!

Bat 2 is definitely very special! Enjoy it,
it is worth the wait you've gone through! 👍

Lovely bats. Well done.


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