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Just seen that this has popped up! Any news? Best of luck.

Red Ink Cricket:
Morning TLB,

well its a bit premature which is why i hadnt listed anything in here. Officially going live as of the 1st March but the section has been on here since about 8 last night.

Ill give you a brief rundown of the Red Ink plan now with more details to follow on official launch.

Will be offering bats handmade by me in the X1 X2 and X3 grades. Prices are being finalised as we speak but all will be below the 200 mark. 2 profiles will be made with the option of a custom made bat available soon.

Soft wise we dont have any plans to release as yet although we are receiving some samples which we will be using this season to test to destruction.

dont want to give too much away so more to follow in a week.

if you have any questions then please drop me a pm or ask here.

I will happyily wear gloves to test to destruction, i have a reputation for ruining softs. mostly pads and snapping buckles of

Great stuff! Look forward to seeing some willow!

Red Ink Cricket:
lol looks like your a cricket brands dream? do you go through bats the same?

the reason we are testing them so rigourously is because although you can see the quality on arrival you never know how something will stand up to every day/ regular use. We dont want to rush into things and then suffer as they products dont reach the level we expect.

I am planning to do a little update on them regularly throught the season so we can see what happens. My brother is a serial Netter so will be getting a fair amount of use and im hoping to score bags this year again so fingers crossed the usage should be quite high.


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