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cricket bat sticker compitition

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iam going to launch my new brand of cricket bats. i want somebody to design sticker. the name is   " black scorpion " . i want scorpion image on the back of bat like slazenger bats. the sticker should metallic shinny.

winner will get my brand bat for 50% off price. my brand bats are double layered blade bats.     yeah u heard right     double layered blade , they are awesome.

so now get to work and send me sticker design.

above is general bat template for ur design. ( it is not the one iam going to launch , its just template to work on ).  


You cannot sell a double layered cricket bat, it will not be allowed to be used in cricket by the MCC.

Bat design pic is good though, did you make it?

hell4leather cricket:

jawad 1985, do you make these bats yourself?

how wud a double layed bat work?

SAF Bats:
Laminated I assume and illegal like Tom says....


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