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Ashes Competition - Win a Cricket Bat of your choice!

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PRIZE: Cricket Bat of your choice (whether we have it in stock or not - could even get one specially made for you).
HOW TO ENTER: Comment on today's post (now live) with your score prediction for the Ashes Test Series.  Entries must be specific ie. "drawn series" will not count, but 1-1 / 2-2 etc. will.
DEADLINE FOR ENTRIES: Wednesday July 17th, 11.59pm - so you have until the night before the Lord's Test to mull it over...
FORMAT: All correct predictions will go into a hat and then the winner will be drawn at random from this.

Sharing the competition with your friends is optional, but recommended!  :)

Best of luck!  :)

Thanks for all the entries so far, guys, and good luck especially to those who went for a 5-0 England whitewash! Needless to say, the predictions since 11am today have generally been a bit different!

C'mon rain. The only way my 1-1 might have a chance. Rain all of August.

Is it too late to change my prediction??  :-[


--- Quote from: CameronPye94 on July 10, 2013, 07:52:37 PM ---Is it too late to change my prediction??  :-[

--- End quote ---

Yes, unfortunately! I think whoever is holding back entering until next Wednesday's deadline is very smart! The Ashes are always tricky to predict...

In a way, I'm glad England didn't have it their own way today.  I would love to see another 2005 or 2009.  They were incredible Test series and a great advert for Test cricket, and such a competitive and close fought series would be very timely for Test cricket right now...


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