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AOC big fat christmas quiz 2014

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--- Quote from: smilley792 on December 13, 2014, 10:56:53 PM ---Power of Google. 


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Told you! (And it wasn't a total guess on my behalf, honest...)  :-[

awesome i thought it must be something to do with the window but couldn't find the link cheers for that

ive got the answer to warne and mcgrath combo as 0 but somebody else has answered it 9 if anybody has any answer to disprove this im all ears

this is the link if anybody wants to enter

I was just about to say 0 for mcgrath warne combo.  As I can't find zip that relates.

As for bowler batsmen.  I'm not sure what it even means.

 allrounder whos scored most runs
Batsmen/bowler together who's produced most runs?
Or batsmen vs bowler that produced most runs??

Such a badly written questions , and that's coming from me who's English is rubbish.

i was reading it has the batsmen who has scored the most runs of a certain bowler.

along the lines of which bowler has got the same batsmen out the most times.

ive been thinking rahul dravid and shane warne as they played alot together and warne struggled in india


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