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AOC big fat christmas quiz 2014

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I e warne and mcgrath.

There record for 10 wicket matches as a partnership is 9. With a match being 2 innings(obviously)

So highly doubtful that on all 9 occasions they got 10 wicket matches as a partnership it came in the one innings every time.

So whoever got the answer as 9 has miss read the info he Google.  Or misunderstood the question.

And on your understanding of the question. It's sangakarra and ajmal

i reckon they miss read it somewhere along the lines.

i went through their stats on an innings by innings basis and couldn't find any.

glad somebody else agrees with my answer.

awesome answer not sure how i missed that on their website its quite a useful treasure trove of pointless facts

i reckon ive got them all right thanks for the help

any chance anybody knows when they announce the results?

given you had to hand in the answers bt the 31st January i was hoping the results would be in this months magazine

there are in this months magazine i just missed them.

I think i only got one wrong and it was the very last question.


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