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Jeff Navarro:
what exactly determines an athlete? Some of the greatest fielders to play cricket have been skin and bones eg Rhodes - RSA and Harper - Win.

Smith seems to have a fat face nothing about his body suggests hes a fatty. And hes one of the best fielders Ive ever seen.

The original comment wasn't that he was fat or lacked muscle but that he's "gawky". When he's not on the cricket pitch he does look a bit uncoordinated, but obviously once he's on the field you see why that's not an indicator of sporting performance. Could say the same of a lot of top sprinters for example, when they're just walking around they don't move like elite tier athletes.


--- Quote from: Psi on May 07, 2020, 08:31:33 AM ---He really doesn't look like an athlete does he? Really gawky

--- End quote ---

having bodyfat regardless of hardwork any athlete at that level do is purely genetic.

six and out:
Smith's 2nd post, this time talks about the '2nd authentic swing'. This one about being 'powerful and clearing the rope'.


--- Quote from: jayralh on May 08, 2020, 04:33:35 PM ---having bodyfat regardless of hardwork any athlete at that level do is purely genetic.

--- End quote ---

I was hanging around with Sutherland last year at the National t20 finals because a mate of mine plays for them. Instead of getting the tram back to the team hotel, Smithy ran the 5km back. Even just sitting around watching the side (he had his elbow injury at the time) you could see he was a ball of energy and incredibly fit. Sometimes the people who aren't the most naturally athletic can make themselves by sheer hard work.


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