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Anyone got one?

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Anyone got one? What are they like? Are they handmade.
Id appreciate a little more info if anyone could give it to me  :)

I have one. they are made in kent.
i went to the workshop, picked the piece of willow,  and watched it being made to my spec. matt was very helpful during the whole thing. Used it all season and goes really well. Very pleased with it an would recommend them. i will try and get some pics up asap

hell4leather cricket:
hi skippy
 they are 100%  handmade  by myself in kent, out of grade1 and grade2 willow,all to your specs

Hi Matt, do you fully make your bats, i.e press, saw etc or shape a handled cleft? Thanks

SAF Bats:
Yep he does by the looks of it....


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