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Ayrtek Cricket:
little request for anyone who has every has purchased anything from me over the years, im working on building up my business presence on google and facebook and reviews are really helpful in giving people and insight to how I operate as a business.

If those who have supported me as a business and hopefully been pleased with the level of service and product could spare 5 mins to leave a review be it on Google or Facebook that would be a huge help to this one man show.

As a thank you there's a 10% voucher code new followers can redeem via the website for following me on google :)



Hoping people support businesses like yours with reviews and orders as otherwise we would not get some of the real innovation to the market. 

Ayrtek Cricket:
Thanks, I wouldnít be able to do it without the support of the customers and Iím lucky that many of them return too 👍

Also thanks to those that have left reviews already 🤗

Ayrtek Cricket:
Seems itís not particularly easy to follow people on google to find out the code 🤦‍♂️

If you use NEWBIE10 at the checkout as a voucher code it will offer you a 10% discount 👍

Thanks to those that have kindly taken the time to leave a review, appreciate you supporting my efforts.


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