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Inner thigh guard fit ? - RESOLVED

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I was using an SG ultimate thigh guard prior to these so these are a step above those. I was hit by a ball  in the one game i played with these on and though i did feel that there is an impact it did not hurt ( the bowler was bowling low around (65 - 70) . The other item is the comfort of wearing these along with the  lightness. Batted for around 18 overs, ran a lot of singles and doubles and never once felt that the thigh pad  was hindering movement  or bulky , but  used to feel that with the SG thigh guard. Over all, seems to be better than  the other thigh guards that I have used over time( Sg Radix, SG ultimate and a Puma ) . Never used Aero or Moonwalkr so can't compare with them .


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