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What would you like to see from B3?


As so many forum members cannot get to B3 HQ during normal hours, how would you like to see what goes on day to day?

Dave return!!!

Trumpet blowing time sorry shameless plug mate hope your well Rich

 Enjoyed the old bat of the week - think there were only a couple done though.

Rich I’ve always enjoyed on previous visits the thinking side of how you design shapes and what goes into the thinking of them - not sure what you could do with that.

I see the softs are seemingly being redesigned - when they’re ready the differences might be nice to see or some explanation of the design process if there is any that could be shared.

Dave’s @procricket sale days, which used to be pretty frenzied but also good fun always seemed to go down well too  :)

1. Videos of softs- you guys have some of the best softs in the business, but there is no updated video review of the latest ones.
2. Pro shape videos - there are some on the website, but they are tough to find ... YouTube or insta is a much better avenue
3. More videos like the one Gav has recently featured in.

Would love to see a pressing vid or two with ping tests throughout to see how it changes pre, mid and post press.


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