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Convex Profiles?

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--- Quote from: beaver5 on October 12, 2020, 08:58:11 PM ---I won't ever go back to a concave profile bat. They can be brilliant, but I find that unless I'm in form I don't get as good a performance out of them. It might be psychological but all the consistently best performing bats I've owned have been convexed.

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I can understand the value in concaving and massive edges if your natural game is to really go after everything and hit big. Unfortunately I am not built like a brick wall and I've never had any success trying to smash 6s every other ball so a bat with huge edges just doesn't make sense to me.

This is the kind of profile I aim to make on most of my bats, there is just no science that I can find that makes it beneficial to remove wood from any part of the bats core playing area.

I understand when a few years ago the rage was all about edge size but as club players I would say on avg we find the middle 1 in 10 shots so makes much more sense to go for this kind of shape.


Never managed to grasp the GN 'scoop' concept.

Seems very counter intuitive compared to full convex profile.

Does anyone remember the Newbery Tour? That was properly convex.

The issue is that while people are obsessed with edge size, dead weight and grains, concaving is largely unavoidable.

The clefts available to produce bats which are full profiles, decent edge size and light are limited. That's why companies charge the earth for them, because they're rare and
therefore they can.


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