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England squad announced today and one newspaper tipping a nailed on return for Bairstow.
I know some of the youngsters wonít all make it thru, Crawley maybe taken out for a while, Sibley not sure about.

But I cannot fathom why JB would get a recall for Test matches.Maybe itís not what you know itís who you know.

If Bairstow really is back that's an atrocious bit of selection unless he's the backup to the backup. Even if that's the case, why not get one of your gun white ball players playing more white ball cricket in the run up to a WC?

Bracey looked out of his depth as a batter and second keeper, I think Bairstow will be in the top 3 again which has been tried before, and therefore back up keeper.

You need some sort of back up keeper if Foakes is not fit, or had no cricket at all,but it's the batting that has caused us issues.

If we don't try to fix the batting we will continue to struggle home and away. Someone like Malan could do a job but if the choice is an out of form Crawley or Bairstow who has done nothing I'd rather stick with Crawley.

Problem for England I think is there's no obvious number 3 from County cricket to slot in.

Why not stick with Burns and Sibley, and give Hameed a try at 3?


--- Quote from: ppccopener on July 21, 2021, 09:49:33 AM ---Problem for England I think is there's no obvious number 3 from County cricket to slot in.

--- End quote ---

At least partly because there has hardly been any county cricket?

Dan Lawrence, for example, won't have played any (hate this) 'red-ball' cricket from the end of the last Test series to the beginning of the next.


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