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Wicket Keeping / Re: B3 Keeping Glove Sizing
« Last post by ch1p on Today at 07:15:24 PM »
Very late to this Blake but if you are still looking then I have used regular mens size in previous gloves but went for oversized mens in the B3 gloves. My previous gloves include Kookaburra long cuts and the Gunn and Moore LE gloves.

Id say the oversized mens fit a bit larger than the mens size GM gloves.

Hope this helps if not too late.
Other Gear / Re: Bag Recommendations
« Last post by FattusCattus on Today at 07:13:42 PM »
I've got a fresh batch of duffles in stock if you're after something you can wear on your bike as well as fit all of your kit in.

A few forum members have them and Tushar did a review on his on the below link for more info...

Big thumbs up for the Ayrtek bag. I used to hate duffles, but this one is excellent, durable and easy to ferret around in. Stands up well too.

Makes me look like a proper cricketer 😮
Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by ch1p on Today at 07:10:04 PM »
And another retailer has all the names of the new bats on the header to the GM section.

Yes some retailers may not want to delay their release in the morning but doesnt mean that they cannot be called out when they release early...

I wont mention any names this time. Unless Mr Lowy wants to message me for it.
Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by Novak on Today at 07:07:41 PM »
Unfortunate but interesting names and look forward to tomorrow

Other Gear / Re: Bag Recommendations
« Last post by Red Ink Cricket on Today at 06:58:51 PM »
The Red Ink duffles are worth a look. One larger which will take all your kit and one smaller one for those who are more selective on kit they take
Gray Nicolls / Gray Nicolls X181
« Last post by SOULMAN1012 on Today at 05:53:00 PM »
Hi all. Though I would share some pics of a little bargain that I managed to pick up from EBay. The X181 this was released I believe 2011 and when it was originally released I think it was the first Aus designed bat released in to the U.K. market. Personally itís the sticker colours and combo that drew me in along with the lovely profile.

So this is before MCC law 5 and this is 2.8 gripped with 40mm edges and a large high spine with a thicker oval handle than is on current GN bats. 8 straight and even grains and it packs a punch. Unfortunately it wasnít in the beat condition when it arrived with some inside edge damage and two pronounced indents from chopping down on cut shots early in its life I would assume

So since being with me I started by steaming out the indentation using a kettle and then on the advice of Dean I used a knife to lift out gently as best I could and filled the void with a mix of pva and fine sanding dust from its original sand when I removed the scuff sheet. Seems to have worked well although I havenít been able to get back to totally flat. Since then itís had 3 layers of sanding with a final hand sand using 600grit and itís as smooth as a baby bum now. I will apply to bat wax and then polish before adding new scuff.

A few pics to show shame I didnít take any before really

Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by DorsetDan on Today at 05:36:34 PM »
An aforementioned retailer still have D, M and N placeholders on their site with the new bat names in the web address... seems no one wants to delay having the new stuff out first thing tomorrow which at least tells you their is some buzz around the release :)
Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by Novak on Today at 05:18:55 PM »
Looking forward to tomorrow then 😁.. ahum
Other Gear / Re: Bag Recommendations
« Last post by Tailendfielder on Today at 04:42:43 PM »
I would recommend getting the biggest bag imaginable. That way you never have to organise your bag or put things in a specific way to make it fit, just lob it in. It has the added bonus of driving ocd tyes and clean freaks mental. Those individuals that love to point out a grammatical error.

The horror on their face makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

In short, go massive.
Gunn & Moore / Re: GM 2019
« Last post by Edward Lowy on Today at 04:40:04 PM »
Sorry Ed. You know me... Couldn't resist when I saw them on that retailers websites.

You've kept the launch very tight this year, Steve Jobsesque.

No, I don't know you.

I respect your right to do as you see fit, but please don't think it generates any respect from me.

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