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Your Kit / Re: Adidas Teamwear
« Last post by jimmy23 on Today at 08:35:55 AM »
So as has been mentioned a certain retailer has changed to printed badges...

Where offers a very similar service but embroiders their badges on...
aware Owzat provide whites but donít offer trainingwear (last time I checked).

Thanks Guys

Owzat will get you pretty much anything you want if you enquire
Other Gear / Re: Shrey Teamwear
« Last post by Ayrtek Cricket on Today at 07:53:39 AM »
Our junior section are just sorting out coloured kit via Tyka which I presume is the same source/quality.
I cut the crease in my stance/line is on the inside of my back foot, so maybe not as far back as you.

I am an opener and have batted like this for years, it definitely gives you that fraction more time, I find the most important thing is that it turns more deliveries into short balls which is my strength. That's what's it's about doing what you can to to make things in your favour.

I will say that the bowlers I struggle with most because of it are the dobbers who swing it miles.

It also depends on the standard you play because genuinely good bowlers will be able to adjust anyways.
I think there are more professionals playing deep inside the crease than we realize. Most back and across trigger players do end up deep in the crease after their trigger, e.g.  De Villiers, Steve Smith, Rahane etc., to name a few and they do quite good, though only Handscomb takes the flak for the same technique just because he is starting deep and not triggering but if you think when ball is released, his position from the stumps might not be so much different as the back and across trigger guys ....

Other Gear / Re: Shrey Teamwear
« Last post by mohawks94 on Today at 01:33:35 AM »
Haven't used it, but an opponent last season had Shrey teamwear. I really liked the look of it. Looked to have a good fit, material looked really good quality, but as I say I haven't actually used it.
Other Gear / Shrey Teamwear
« Last post by Batbuddy99 on Today at 12:29:52 AM »
Anybody on here had any encounters with Shrey teamwear?
Kit looks good at first glance, bit expensive but nice choices, would like to know what service, quality of kit is like etc
Something I have been thinking about, but not quite confident enough in the wickets and standard of umpiring to give it a go
Latest Matches / Re: Australia vs Sri Lanka
« Last post by Mister Le Chiffre on Today at 12:09:36 AM »
Kurtis Patterson has been added to the Australian test squad and I wouldn't be surprised if he debuts. Burns and Renshaw didn't exactly show much in the warm up match.

Nuwan Pradeep is out for Sri Lanka with a dodgy hamstring
Cricket Training, Fitness and Injuries / Re: Standing deep in the crease
« Last post by LateBloomer on Yesterday at 10:07:50 PM »
I have the crease line in the middle of my feet or slightly towards my back foot in my stance, have always done this. The only times I will deviate from this is a) new ball bowler swinging big with the keeper back, id come out of my crease to nullify swing and disrupt length. b) towards the death overs where I basically walk all over the place to open up angles and again disrupt the bowler

Could make a case for going deeper on hard wickets with quickish bowlers aswell. Depends where your strengths are

I wouldnt want to go too deep too often as there might be driving opportunities missed, depends on pitch/bowler
Your Kit / Re: Adidas Teamwear
« Last post by SD on Yesterday at 10:05:53 PM »
We had been set up to use All Rounder again this season until we discovered that they had decided to sneak out the printed badges without telling us of this change.

We are now using a company called JS Sports who do embroidered badges on Adidas kit

We previously used then to supply Surridge kit when Kalibazar folded and the service was pretty good.  I am picking up shirts late next week so I can report back on the quality of the embroidery if anyone is interested
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