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Bats / Re: Hitman Assassin
« Last post by Yorkershire on Today at 03:16:07 AM »
And you are fine if UK brands charge 500 GBP for their top level bats? And more than 100 GBP for gloves and pads made in the subcontinent?

From what I have seen. Very few people on this forum will spend £500.00 on a bat.  I cant bring myself to pay more than £250.00 and that is for bats where i get choose the willow and it's local to me.
Bats / Re: Hitman Assassin
« Last post by Yorkershire on Today at 03:12:42 AM »
I don't know BIGGIE, so this isn't an attack on him or anyone else. Sometimes when we have made a mistake we don't like to own up to it. I think most people on here are trying to reach out to BIGGIE and help him, maybe they aren't being very constructive.

We have all made mistakes and been embarrassed by it. I think people should vent their anger at Hitman bats!

You would have gotten a better bat direct by contacting a few of the Pakistani companies (if that's where they get their bats from). I've done that and then had them adjusted by a local bat maker if I havent been quite happy by the pickup, and its still been better value for money.

We all just don't like fellow forum members being ripped off mate! Could have got a great bat from many forum sponsors for way less.

Hope it all works out, chin up!
Bats / Re: Hitman Assassin
« Last post by sgcricket on Today at 03:09:49 AM »
The cost price for a bat this grade is closer to around GBP25.00 (before shipping), from my experience.

I'm glad the bat performs, and I hope it holds up. But I really can't sit by and see manufacturers charging GBP450 for what is an incredibly low-grade piece of willow.
And you are fine if UK brands charge 500 GBP for their top level bats? And more than 100 GBP for gloves and pads made in the subcontinent?
Bats / Re: SS Superman 'Wridhiman Saha' Bat
« Last post by sgcricket on Today at 02:44:09 AM »
Looks lovely. Nice grains on that.
Latest Matches / Re: Spirit of Cricket?
« Last post by sgcricket on Today at 02:42:35 AM »
This is all just an example of what you get when you try to help someone out.

The rule is wrong, yes, I think we can all agree on that. But what sort of a person appeals for that? There must have been some thought behind it, as you wouldn't appeal for it unless you knew that was a rule and had some degree of planning?

Someone within the West Indies set up must have read that rule and thought 'we're going to get someone like that' and then waited for it to happen.

Absolute shambles frankly, maybe if they concentrated on their cricket a bit more rather than this petty bullshit (remember the Mankad from the last U19's team?) the West Indies would be the superpower it once was
The initial appeal happened in the heat of the moment perhaps but he had plenty of time to take it back and he chose not to. We can only speculate what was going through his mind. But ridiculous to think that they planned it. You cannot plan for a batsman to pick up the ball. Personally I have picked up the ball a couple of times to pass to a fielder but I signal before doing that.
Cricket Training, Fitness and Injuries / Re: New Captain Advice
« Last post by LateBloomer on Today at 01:38:27 AM »
Alot of variables in club cricket which make it hard to give a precise answer but one thing I would always recommend is to Keep a cool head, captaincy is more a mental skill than a physical one

Leading from the front in terms of behaviour and attitude sets a good example particularly if you have younger players

And scoring runs always makes the job easier!
Bats / Re: SS Superman 'Wridhiman Saha' Bat
« Last post by Umi on Today at 01:36:26 AM »
Lovely bat and profile, it will serve you well
Cricket Training, Fitness and Injuries / Re: New Captain Advice
« Last post by Big Mac on Today at 12:58:47 AM »
Don't take your spinner off if he gets tonked for a couple of boundaries, otherwise I'm coming for you
Bats / Re: Hitman Assassin
« Last post by GoldenArm on Today at 12:53:37 AM »
@GoldenArm last couple of years most of us paid 600-700 on xp80 1500 or 50+. They didnít look great either but they all performed quite well. I am not comparing hitman with Gray Nicolls at all but if the buyer is satisfied with the performance of his bat then thatís it.

Iím fairly sure those xpís And 50+ didnít look like theyíd been pulled off an old shed and stickered up by Ray Charles though. You were paying not for looks but for size/density so itís just a different side of the same coin. This bat doesnít have either of those things going for it unfortunately. Iím saying quite firmly he really shouldnít be happy, not matter how much it stings to admit it, he should be absolutely hopping mad. Weíve all been there, I bought a total plank off eBay in the early days. Not even sure it was made of willow 😂. Sent it back to the bloke and threatened to report him for selling fake kooks. Did get my money back and went straight out and got a lovely grade 2 Redback Allegiance for £150. Still one of the best bats Iíve ever owned. 🚀
Bats / Re: Hitman Assassin
« Last post by BIGGIE on Today at 12:45:00 AM »
Itís been a while since Iíve posted but this thread really made me angry. To charge that much for that bat is beyond a joke. I really donít want to make you feel bad about this but @BIGGIE you should be asking for your money back and learn something from this experience. For all the flaws of grading solely on looks at least that means you can delve into lower grades and find an ugly duckling that when treated with the proper skill by a bat maker can be as good as a much higher grade bat (although perhaps wonít come into its best quite so quickly or draw so many ahís and oohís of appreciation). But for this guy to use the grading on performance line to say hereís a grade 5 bat but it goes like stink so itís £400 beggars belief.  If you wanted a bat that didnít have to look great and would last a good long time (unlike a lot of super expensive low density grainy bats) you could have found a great deal of them for a lot lot less.

i have no intention of asking for money back. i saw the blade before balance of purchase was paid for so its on me.

to me the looks arnt a priority, so far (which isnt much of a test) the performance justifies the purchase, if the performance drops dramatically ill cut my losses and see what else is out there
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