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Gray Nicolls / Re: GN Kronus Halesorm v GN Pro Performance, which is better?
« Last post by Chalkie on Yesterday at 09:48:48 PM »

Try and get one in under 2.12 I think youíre find it really hard

Hard yes, but apparently not impossible....
Players / Re: KP....nearly the end,it was eventful.
« Last post by Chalkie on Yesterday at 09:30:56 PM »
Outstanding player, but clearly hard to manage, pity some didnít make more effort on that for the benefit of English cricket and the game in general. Has anyone seen any tweets from Cook, Anderson or Broad on the retirement?

The BBC have done an article which includes the following summary which makes interesting reading.

It's easy to say that Pietersen's divisive personality prevented him achieving more. It's harder to recall that he made more Test appearances than Wally Hammond, Ted Dexter and Peter May, ended with a higher Test average than David Gower, Geoff Boycott and Colin Cowdrey, and made more Test centuries than Graham Gooch, Len Hutton and Ken Barrington.
Cricket Training, Fitness and Injuries / Re: Elbow/forearm bruising
« Last post by mohawks94 on Yesterday at 08:21:52 PM »
Good job they were there. I guess you guys have got a first aid kit now then in case it happens again and the Women's Coach isn't there?

We had to call upon Dave and his ice packs again this week, one of the seamers did something to his shoulder and we didn't have supplies.
Cricket Training, Fitness and Injuries / Re: Elbow/forearm bruising
« Last post by mohawks94 on Yesterday at 08:20:20 PM »
First proper net since being injured today. Bowled ok but not as many revs as usual as forearm is still stiff and bruised.
Problems came when batting- hall we use has tennis ball bounce and there was a guy from Ifield, don't know if he's joining us or something, who was bowling some pretty quick bumpers. Swayed away from plenty to keep the arm out the way! Vs the bowling machine I found myself getting leading edges a couple of times, or not being able to adjust as fast as usual and missing/toeing the ball.
All in all was good to be back hitting a ball, but hoping to be 100% for next weekend
Latest Matches / Re: England test tour to New Zealand
« Last post by Johnny on Yesterday at 07:42:02 PM »
Kegsy can't even get a game for Lancs at the mo. Spent most of last season playing dinky-doos and also had a loan spell at northants. He's gonna pro for my club side in the Northern League when available this coming season. His Lancs contact is up at the end of this year, and sounds like it's unlikely to be renewed (apparently he doesn't see eye to eye with Chapple, which has also contributed to his lack of playing time)

'One season wonder' is a bit harsh. There were definitely 2-3 good years string together, culminating in being selected for England. Unfortunately the way he crumbled in that one test seems to have cut some pretty deep psychological scars and I don't think he's been the same since.
Bats / Re: Bairstows Addidas-Unused.
« Last post by bigc92 on Yesterday at 04:50:32 PM »
One word...PHOWAR!
Bats / Re: Slazenger V600 Titan
« Last post by bigc92 on Yesterday at 04:49:34 PM »
Just bought a Slazenger V600 Titan from eBay, anybody have any experience with them or have one in your vast batting arsenal?

Or are they a piece of junk that's going to break against the first fast ball of the season?

What did you pay for it?
Latest Matches / Re: World Cup qualifiers
« Last post by Kulli on Yesterday at 04:33:43 PM »
Yup, was that screw up against zimbabwe that will cost us qualification though.
Latest Matches / Re: World Cup qualifiers
« Last post by Mister Le Chiffre on Yesterday at 04:25:55 PM »
Very faint hopes for Scotland after today's reverse to Ireland. Probably having to have to beat Windies
Players / Re: KP....nearly the end,it was eventful.
« Last post by InternalTraining on Yesterday at 03:28:02 PM »
To KP's credit, he harnessed the power of his physical talents which very few cricketers do. For his height and size, he was using a tiny bat to a devastating effect! Tall guy, long reach, and with tons of physical, he made the most of it!
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