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I'm looking to get a new bag for next season as my long serving Newbery SPS doesn't have a bat cave. I'm considering the GN Test or Kook Pro Players. What are peoples opinions of these 2 bags? I know there's a good review on here for the GN but very little about the Kook. Anyone have experience of these 2 bags and their good and bad points? Or if there are any other very good ones to consider?

Six Sixes Cricket:
Kook Pro D2 duffle is a great bag, internal bat caves for 2 bats, and an external pocket on each side for your pads

Thanks, but I'm after a wheelie bag rather than a duffle. They seem similar though. What's the build quality like?

Six Sixes Cricket:
Sorry beaver, I posted then read the title :( Build quality seems really good, but then when you see the examples there not full of actual kit!!

I've got the GN test bag, best I've had. Pros are it takes three bats, kook only two, which is ideal for me - two main match bats and a wet weather bat.

Great storage and great build quality. Fits all batting gear, with two pairs of gloves, two sets of keeping pads and gloves. I also have two sweaters, lomg sleeve and sleeveless, all fits in easily. Separate compartments for helmet and shoes, side pockets for odds and ends and has never fallen over when stood upright. I'll never need another bag again!


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