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A couple of bats for sale.

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Red Ink Cricket:
First of all is an LE profile bat - weighs 2lb 10 fully dressed. 7-8 grains, couple of minor blemishes. nice rebound. 27mm edges approx and approx 60mm spine. oval handle this bat is being knocked in and will be ready to play 140 posted.

secondly is a demo profile i had a play around with. thinner edges. higher spine and a decent amount of concave. light pick up. weights 2lb 8.5 oz fully dressed inc toe guard. 27mm edges approx and approx 55-57mm spine. light pick up. 10 nice grains. oval handle 155 posted

sorry for the pic quality. iphone pics aren't the best. if you are interested feel free to make me an offer

Red Ink Cricket:
Quick Bump - LE reduced to 120 posted and demo profile to 135 posted. need these 2 gone. both will also come with a antiscuff sheet

Are these both G1 or G1+ bats? The one with the Pyro stickers has very nice grains. :)

Red Ink Cricket:
both clefts were supplied as g1's. both perform well. the demo profile is a grade 1 on looks and performance. the LE profile is g1 on performance and prob g2 on looks as there are a couple of small blemishes on the face

Ah right, that makes sense. :) I like the look of the grains on the demo bat, but if I had a choice between these two, I would take the LE. It looks like there is less concaving and a lot more wood. Shame I have already spent too much on gear this year, otherwise I would have considered the LE. :( Will you be releasing new profiles for next year? Maybe you could post a little poll about what kind of new profile forum members would like to see from Red Ink. :D


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