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Respecting our sponsors


hi all.
I have been speaking to some of our sponsors and while they do make a huge effort to look after their customers there seems to be one consistent concern.

This is around when a potential client asks a load of questions, the sponsor finds/makes a perfect bat and then the client says... oh I can't pay until...[enter date some weeks in the future]

please I ask nicely that if you are interested in buying a new item you have the means first.

this wouldn't happen in any other walk of life. please show more respect to our stakeholders.


Hi all, I have had recent correspondence with a number of our sponsors who all have spent a chunk of time trying to take photos and help members with possible new bats only to be rejected.

Please can you show some more consideration to our sponsors and stop asking for photos and numerous queries if there not a serious intention to buy.

The reality is that we have this forum because of the sponsors, if you waste their time they won't sponsor the forum and we won't have a forum.



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