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--- Quote from: tushar sehgal on February 04, 2013, 05:50:38 PM ---Ok, we don't net again till March 2nd and so will send it this week..

--- End quote ---

Much appreciated, I will send it back to you before that.

golden duck:
Sorry to resurrect an old thread.

Just wondered if you had used this more & whether it was any good?


Thanks for making a comment here. I never read this thread.
Interesting stuff Tushar :)

tushar sehgal:
Yeah mate used it a few more times, never really tried to measure speed out of hand with it. Always at the batsman's end, works pretty well.

Hi Tushar going to get one of these next week just wondered if your still using it and how you set it up at the bowlers end or if you had anymore luck out of the bowlers hand. Did you come to anymore conclusive numbers in speed drop off as it passed the stumps. Think i will see if i can calibrate it of a bowling machine at the indoor nets i use.



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