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Another IPL controversy - Pakistan

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The 22nd Yard:
Apologies for the recent absence. With exams and a half marathon to prepare for it had to be done!

This is an in depth look at the previous banishment of all Pakistani players from the IPL, as well as digging into the extreme amount of Australian participation...

I'm enjoying the IPL this year, but you are right there are far too many average Australians in the squads.  I would quite like to see more Englishmen in there but can't see how they can work it around the county game at the moment.  We can push the start of the test summer back but we could really do with our test guys having some early season games rather than hopping off the plane from India straight into a test match.  It's all about availability and cost compared to the Aussies as they are available for the whole tournament unlike our test guys.  Ben Laughlin went for 20k and I remember Rikki Clarke saying that he had to put his base price as 200k because otherwise he would lose money once you take in to account agent fees and paying Warwickshire for being away for 6 weeks.  Neither of those 2 are marque name signings that will guarantee runs or wickets so its a no brainer that you would take Laughlin for a tenth of the price.

The 22nd Yard:
Do you not think the IPL could be good preparation? A lot of games, almost guaranteed good weather and a least one international standard bowler per game? Eoin Morgan seems to have done alright, I think if Root and Bairstow didn't do well he may get the nod for the Ashes purely on IPL and Champions Trophy form.

I didn't quite realise just how little the English players leave the tournament with, I wondered why Bopara and Prior had such high base prices in this auction.

I think it's the difference in conditions that's the main problem.  If the IPL was being played in New Zealand then the difference wouldn't be too bad but the contrast in conditions between India and England in  May is just too much in my view. 

I see Watson got himself in and then out without going onto fifty again today, does that remind you of anyone?

Until the IPL gets it's house in order re: corruption I reckon England and Pakistan's players would do well to steer well clear! I cannot agree with regard to it being decent preparation for an English summer, the quality in the IPL is iffy, the conditions have no relevance to those in England and, as was mentioned the other day most players in the IPL return to their clubs overweight and out of nick. This last statement was part of what set David Warner off on his little melt down the other day but it is a view shared by the least according to the journalist targeted by Warner. 


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