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Aswani Cricket:
New GM Ripple Grips, pack of 12: 24 + postage

Colours available:

Despatch should be in November, or as soon as possible after we receive them from GM.

Postage to UK mainland: 2.95 for 1 pack, 3.95 for 2 or more packs.
Postage to other destinations (in UK, Europe and worldwide): please enquire.

Other grips:
12 x GM Shock Absorba �20
- aqua, white, yellow

12 x GM Control �18
- black, red, octane blue, epic orange, white, yellow, dark green, argon green

12 x GM Matrix �16
- red, green, epic orange, pink, white, yellow

12 x Spiral (assorted colours) �18 (from stock)
- pink, gold, silver, black, navy, purple, burgundy, emerald, midnight blue

12 x Slazenger Octoplus �36

12 x Kookaburra Xtreme �36
- blue, yellow, orange, white, white/lime, white/red

12 x Kookaburra Octopus �32
- lime, white, yellow, pink, sky

12 x Kookaburra Max �32
- lime, pink, red, white, yellow, orange, white/blue, white/orange, white/blue/black, white/lime/black, blue/white/red, white/orange/black

12 x Kookaburra Players �24
- lime, orange, white, pink, sky

12 x Kookaburra Chevron �16
- lime, orange, white, yellow

Limited time pre-order offer only.  Orders must be placed and paid for by midnight Sunday 6th October.

Please PM with details of how many packs you require and which colour(s).

Aswani Cricket:
Closeups of the white/aqua and red/blue grips:

Can we mix and match to order 12 grips for 24?

Aswani Cricket:
Yes, sure

ive sent a pm.


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