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The 22nd Yard:
From the people I spoke to it seems like another factor is everyone becoming pretty snobbish over the wickets they play on, no one is happy to play on a cow field anymore. Massive shame, especially it's in terms of fairly non-competitive sunday games...

in league cricket you can sort of understand it though.

A good article, I've played against Pickwell for Barrowby CC in the Grantham Sunday league.

It's a sad state of affairs, one which might threaten Barrowby. As a team we age between 23-early 30s and with the core players getting married at the moment I worry that this same fate will happen to us.

Empingham is a beautiful ground, a lovely team. Played there last season, scored 79 :) My uncle was a huge member of the club until he passed away :(
They did receive a very large sum last year in funding which they have put into the pitch and it has made a difference.
Unfortunately Barrowby without such funds, and unable to have sight screens or covers as they get vandalised, a similar level wicket is not possible :(

I play for a village club as we've recently been selected as the National ECB Natwest Cricket Focus club for 2014, and we're nowhere near London!

I play friendly village cricket and to be honest occasionally we play teams where their standard is so woeful I would rather have sat and watched from the bar than been out in the field. Our wicket is uncovered and often resembles a cow patch, however thanks to hard work from volunteers we almost always get a game out of it even if it is raining sometimes. Our batting order moves around depending on who has turned up in what state and we rely on a couple of bowlers to bowl practically all day whilst the part timers get in their obligatory overs to justify paying their subs.

Teas can vary depending on whose turn it is to provide them and our changing room is so small, the whole team can't get changed without "accidentally" getting intimate with each other. The outdoor nets are so run down and covered in moss that short pitch deliveries will scoot along the floor whilst full deliveries will grip an abrasive part of the mat and spit up into fingers and ribs causing you to question everything you know about physics, let alone batting. God forbid you should leave a ball in case it finds its way through one of the many holes in the net, that is unless you fancy making the bowler get knee deep in the knotted brambles snagged up behind.

The whole thing sounds like a nightmare yet every summer I turn up twice every weekend, stretch out my aching knees and head out with a smile to spend the next 6 hours mucking about with the sorry excuses for human beings I call my mates before spending the same in the bar afterwards. I wouldn't have it any other way.


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