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14 grain GM Flare Original

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Aswani Cricket:
For sale: 14 grain Flare Original - sensible offers considered.  Please PM if interested.

It will go on general sale next Saturday at the Cricket Club Expo, Swalec Stadium, Cardiff

Can provide weight and other info next week.  Pics not the best, but rest assured, it's an exceptional bat.

Thats a pretty rough looking piece of willow to be labelled as a top grade One isn;t it?


--- Quote from: Manormanic on March 02, 2015, 06:27:56 AM ---Thats a pretty rough looking piece of willow to be labelled as a top grade One isn;t it?

--- End quote ---

I've seen quite a lot of GM bats that don't look their grade.  According to GM, an 'Original' bat should be:
"Superior unbleached seasoned Grade 1 English Willow
Straight grained with a hint of colour and minor cosmetic blemishes."

Don't think this bat matches that description!
Doesn't seem to be a 'GM Now' sticker either which would be a bit odd.

don't think grains look that straight, there's a LOT of colour and at least one fairly major blemish.  MAy well play nicely, but it's no looker!

Aswani Cricket:
A lot of this is personal preference, whether you want a bat that looks "good", or plays well, or both.  Some people prefer the red, some people don't like it at all.
Personally, I'm a fan of this type of "major" blemish ... only because I have a bat which goes extremely well, has lasted me years, and has two of those "major" blemishes.
The grains are pretty straight in my opinion, the photo is not that great though :)


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