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Hullo chums!! I really, really need to feel a bat in my hands again and have a hit somewhere that isn't in front of my bedroom mirror, and with real people!!

I know availability is tight everywhere, but is anyone interested from the usual suspects?  I'm thinking Eversley, the dreaded Dummer, George Abbot Guildford and if anyone knows of anywhere else in the Southeast?

I'll try to list as many as I can remember and let me know if you are interested:

@tom line

and all you other chums.......................

Eversley has a merlyn..... and I'm pretty keen on this

What Matt said particularly

But tbh I'm game for pretty much anything, and I no longer have to rely on others for transportation!

Am busy this weekend and the following weekend.
But am free anytime after  :)

Neon Cricket:
Depending on the date, I'd be keen to come along to Dummer or Eversley (Dummer is closest! ;))

@DorsetDan, fancy it?


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