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Do we think this is going to come to packer leagues again?

There does not seem to be much hope of an agreement before tomorrows deadline.

Rhetoric coming from both side seems to be getting stronger not calmer  with ACA setting up an image right arm for players and CA saying they will have to ban any player that plays in an unauthorised game as per ICC rules. Plus will review NOC on a per case basis to see if players will be allowed to play in IPL etc

Packer & bradman secretly met & sorted out a solution , both respected each other & professional cricket had guidlines in this country , seems respect has taken a back seat & "show me the money" is the topic at hand.

obviously we here just see the stuff in the media

How is it being seen in aus?

Both need a smack and grow up or does one side have the public backing?

Seems From a quick glance in aus that CA feed half truths to the media when they aren't threatening the players. The only people who are disposable in this situation are Sutherland and Pat Howard, the public loves the players, not the suits behind the players. I also don't understand how Cricket Australia can threaten the players with not being able to go overseas to take part in tournaments when the players won't be under any contractual obligation to stay in Australia. I'm fairly sure restriction of ones trade is illegal in Aus.

Biggie Smalls:
From what i can tell , here in oz , public perception is right behind the players . Especially with them wanting to create more funding/insurance for domestic players that have their careers cut short .
Sutherland and Howard are about due to bugger off into the sunset anyway , imo.


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