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My season is over.

I would normally rest through to Christmas, over indulge - then plan to shift some weight before the start of the season - then the season starts..... and i am heavier than the year before....its a cycle - which needs to be broken. Which WILL be broken.

I am going to do something about it and would welcome anyone who would like to shift 10 pounds or 100 pounds to join in, share tales, meals, highs, lows, what works for you, what doesn't.

THAT cycle is vicious and I am trying to break it as well. I don't plan to wait after X-mas holidays to begin the (re-)training process as it is usually too late by then. My plan is to just make the fitness a habit. Over indulgence has not served any purpose in my life. I will set some strength and conditioning goals which I will achieve by next May/June time frame. Here are the areas I will target:

- Overall run time , set 1 mile as a standard and try to improve it.
- Weights lifted for different types of exercises. Deadlifts? Squats? Bench press?
- Proficiency with kettlebell swings with target weights in mind. 27 kg? 40 kg?

Based on experiences of last few years, the key is not wait till next year but set into motion your plan ASAP which means now. :)

I've been keeping it up this year thankfully but to keep it going I've signed up for a 5k mud run in 9 weeks time so going out running more as want under 20-25 mins if poss which will be very tough but a goal to set

I'm about 20 kg over my fighting weight, gained it in the 3 years of marriage with change in country, work schedule, food and laziness.  Result - all sorts of aches and pains in the feet, slow in the field, winded after quick singles, back pain while batting in the nets, retired on 45 with cramps which turned out to be the high water mark this season, dry heaving after batting 10 overs, wanting to retire after 15 overs of batting, being run out in 6 out of 18 innings, etc.  I'm just sick of it.

4 years ago, when I lived in another country, I did the Paleo diet, lifted weights twice a week and did HIIT/sprints on another day and was able to run a 5K in about 26 mins. Want to get back to that level of fitness and then move beyond it.  Started my fitness halfway through this season, Paleo - no junk carbs, hired a trainer, HIIT twice a week, already lost 3 inches around the waist with another 7-8 inches to go to get to my target of 32/33 inches.  Target is to get to this by Christmas and then work on fitness alone (power and quickness) until the start of next season.  In truth, if I get within 2 inches of my target, I'd be chuffed as hell.


--- Quote from: InternalTraining on September 03, 2017, 02:14:17 PM ---the key is not wait till next year but set into motion your plan ASAP which means now. :)

--- End quote ---

I am back on the Vape - hoping to kick the fags.
Looking to kick the booze - probably the hardest one to kick
Working out my goals this afternoon.

--- Quote from: roco on September 03, 2017, 02:23:04 PM ---5k mud run in 9 weeks time

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Thanks a really good idea - set an achievable event to build up to.


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