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So it all started when I saw this image of the new TKC shape and fancied a new bat so sent a few messages to Rich aka @Butterfingerz about this bat and weights etc

What with my birthday coming up I thought I’d treat myself and asked for some pics of superlight clefts, these were the selection

I went for this one

A 343 crown- one of if not the lightest crown they’ve done

A decided against the TKC and went  for a custom

After being Cnc’d

Still a fair bit of work to do on these so called machined bats eh

I sent my match bat along as I want it shaped the same

Updates to come as still being made but pretty excited about this beast

The bat will be 2'8.5 when finished, it was a real squeeze to get this so big from the pressed left. And.....its a GUN!

Couple more teasers have come through

Looking good. That will test the bat gauge! I was very pleased with the choice of shapes etc I received from B3 back in October. Looking forward to seeing finished pictures.

I told @Butterfingerz if it fits through the gauge I want a refund 😂


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