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Anyone know anything about Python cricket? I'm just refurbing a nice bat for a friend for resale, but I don't know anything about the
company. The profile is offset and a nice shape. The handle is an unusual shape (pakistan made?)

See pics below :

It was being run by a guy called steve lane (i think) out of the haverhill area if i recall. Not seen anything new for not sure if its still a going concern.

Seen a couple of beauties but several people have complained their bats snapped after very little use.

Yes it's very light weight so could be over dried.

Would be interested to know where they are made if anyone recognised the style of the handle etc.

He’s still going! Lives and runs the business from Farningham in Kent now.
Very much hit and miss with the bats as I got an absolute plank!! Others have said they’re good though!
He definitely doesn’t make them himself.

Thanks. Good to hear they are still going!


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