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How much do you pay for a bowling machine session?

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I am just interested to know the rates you guys pay for a 1 hour bowling machine session?

The reason I ask is I am still looking to set-up an indoor cricket centre and curious to know what people pay in different parts of the UK. I currently pay 25 per hour at Stumps in Wakefield but I hear other places around the UK can be as high as 35 or 40 per hour.

My search for a suitable premises is progressing so slowly that I am now considering just buying a house with a large rear garden and using permitted development rights to build a large shed.

35 per hour for a bowling machine session with a coach is what I pay.


--- Quote from: JTtaylor145 on September 23, 2020, 07:22:27 AM ---35 per hour for a bowling machine session with a coach is what I pay.

--- End quote ---

That's quite good value if you are getting coaching too.

I think our school offers 8.50 for a 1h lane but 17.50 If you want the bowling machine too.

... But they are not very good quality 😂😂
HECC in Hertfordshire charges 25 per lane plus 10 for bowling machine. Their facilities are top quality. The bowling machines can be run on auto feed, so even if you are on your own it can be a good session. Might try it once this winter, but at that price I would want a coach as well really.


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