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Jimmy Tiwana:
Having hit the wrong side, lately I have realised that I need a lot longer recovery period following a game to be match ready again.

I dont follow a rigorous fitness training, but do have a decent fitness routine inclusive of little strength training and some aerobics. But am  keen to know if you guys do anything special or different to improve that post match recovery period.

Few of the older blokes at my club swear by foam rollers for post game recovery.

At 37 I admit to finding it weird how people struggle from mid 20's onwards with recovery etc. Until recently I carried a lot of weight too but always felt able to play every day etc. Now, having lost just shy of 6 stone, I find it even more weird when those in their 20's profess to be 'unable' to play multiple games/days in a row.

Maybe I'm just lucky

I'm 43 and apart from a shoulder issue regard myself as pretty fit generally. However, I think a big part of recover when you get older isn't just fitness, but also stretching and ensuring your diet is pretty good also. Would also recommend a foam roller as part of the stretching/recovery process also.

Foam rolling is magic.

Diet can also help - most diets that cut down sugar and/or processed food (vegan, keto, paleo) tend to reduce inflammation in the body and lead to much faster recovery times. Kohli swears by his new vegan diet (says his recovery is much faster). I have personally noticed that whenever I am eating clean (no processed food, lots of veggies, no vegetable oil) I do feel better after a tough workout. But this is highly personal and people tend to get very emotional when discussing diets - would encourage you to do your own research, but one of the MANY benefits of clean , wholesome eating is faster recovery. Most of the top athletes will attest to this.


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