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Hi - just about to take over the chair at my club and one thing on my list is to upgrade our practice net, ideally replace with new double bay net but subject to cost we may need to update the existing net and build one new one. I am based in West Sussex - does anyone have any experience of developing new net facilities and any company recommendations?  Thanks all

We used Total Play to install a 3-lane fully enclosed facility.  Notts Sports were also recommended to us

Feel free to get in touch to discuss, we complete dozens of these installations every year. If you are eligible we can also secure grant funding on your behalf, unlike other companies this comes at no cost to you.

Thanks and will be in touch soon Jacob - I think ideally we will need a site inspection as space tight but lets discuss options first. Busy week so in a week or so

No problem, we are on the road doing site visits all the time, feel free to drop me an email or call 01572 822013 to talk about the project a little more and get the ball rolling with a site visit


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