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Jimmy Tiwana:
Gentlemen, lately I have been thinking of going vegan (thanks to Netflix :( & few vegan peers )

For members who have turned vegan, I have few questions:

1. Was it a gradual weaning shift to vegan, or did you switch off meat in an instant?

2. How do you supplement your protein requirements?

3. Did you notice any difference in your athletic abilities (in the cricket sense) in the early phase of switch? I am hearing that vegan diet improves the aerobic capacity ??

4. Am 42 now, so any input from a similar age group member would be much appreciated


You should look up what Peter Siddle has done. It seems to involve the ability to ingest a banana in under 3 seconds.

Good luck with your quest.


Normally I'm a lurker on here because I forget my password a lot of the time, thanks Tom at Ayrtek for fixing it for me!

I went vegan a few years ago, was vegetarian at first and then moved into it. I am 28 now but I did notice the slight difference in performance but also that was in day to day life as well. I don't feel like I ache as much coming off after a 90 over game but I have added yoga into my routine to help with that. Defo go check The Sport Yogi out if interested as it's ex pro Lewis Hatchett and he has cricket specific stuff for free on YouTube. However it's the fitter you are then the better you'll perform in the long run.

I'd advise making it a slow transition and reducing meat, dairy etc for their substitutes because if you just swap straight away you'll do yourself worse because your body will sort of panic a bit at the sudden changes. Maybe begin as vegetarian see how it feels within yourself, whether it's for you or not. You'll be able to tell how your body feels. Think about any possible physical conditions you might have or whether you take medications in case the shift does effect that side because of what's used within that and the processes potentially not being Vegan.

Protein is really easy, nuts, veggie jerky and the variety of faux meats available now are endless because of how more popular it's become not just among the public but also elite athletes have changed to plant based. Most supermarkets now have a really good selection to choose from, personal favs are M&S, Waitrose and Sainsbury's from the UK based perspective. If you like a cup of tea at tea then I tend to use oat milk as it has the more creamy taste to it.

Only downside is that no place does a vegan option with tea however most places like in the shortened season this year with the restrictions likely won't put tea on for clubs so always be prepared to bring your own food and drinks when everything is lifted!

I hope that helps you out just a little bit from a player's perspective. The other option is if you have socials such as Twitter would be to give Dizzy a message because he does respond a lot on there and I'm sure would most certainly give you a helpful reply seeing as he shifted to veganism at a similar age.

Don't know anything about a full vegan diet but would second the recommendation for Sainsburys faux meat options, started buying them to try and cut down my meat intake and really enjoyed everything I've tried so far.

Virat kohli is vegan


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